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Public Speaking

From Jim Tilmon

It is my passion to bring a message of belief and confidence to as many as will listen. My primary topic is: The Power of Belief – in Yourself and Your Life. It was belief that my dream would become reality that took a 5-year old boy from Oklahoma to the cockpit of an airliner as one of the first five Black commercial pilots in the United States of America. Was there adversity? Absolutely. Were there obstacles? Many. Did my belief ever waiver? No.
Know that you can dream your own dreams and they can come true if you are willing to truly develop an unwavering belief in yourself and your capabilities. It happened for me. Let me share my story with you.


Jim Tilmon has the unique capability to take what he knows and present it to a wide variety of audiences to educate and motivate in an interesting and enjoyable manner. Whether you are an individual, represent an organization or a business, you will benefit from time shared with this unique personality

Jim's life is a clear picture of the results of drawing upon motivation to reach a live a dream. Much of his motivation came from within. The image in his mind of what he wanted to do was never in doubt. His family, particularly his parents, encouraged him where others dared not. Another large portion of his motivation came from outside, often negative influences that served to increase his determination to succeed.


Because of his varied, extensive and interesting background he is often called upon to be the keynote speaker for many organizations and functions. For many years Jim has shared his experiences as a means of motivating others to reach their full potential in any area of life. He continues to do so today.

To check Jim's availability to share his knowledge and his story with your group or organization, please contact The Tilmon Group at

Aviation Consultation


Not one to leave opportunities unexplored, Jim Tilmon successfully coupled a career in television during most of his time with American. Jim spent four years with WTTW, the Public Broadcasting System TV station in Chicago and then went on to spend 22½ years with WMAQ-TV, the NBC owned station in Chicago serving as on-air weather forecaster and aviation analyst. 


Jim has a rich history of providing detailed analysis of aviation events, including general and commercial aviation accidents, the business of aviation, aviation security, airport and aircraft design, aviation labor relations, aviation training and passenger comfort and education.


After resigning from WMAQ-TV in 1994, Jim continued doing on-air aviation reporting for the FOX television station in Chicago and for the local FOX affiliate in Phoenix, AZ. He was also frequently called upon as an expert in aviation matters by the FOX, NBC, CBS and ABC affiliates in Phoenix, WMAQ-TV in Chicago, NBC-17 Raleigh, and national outlets including, NBC Nightly News, CNBC, MSNBC, Chris Matthews "Hard Ball", the Abrams Report, the News with Brian Williams, Imus In The Morning, CNN, CNN International and Nightline with Ted Koppel. Later Jim served as the aviation analyst and reporter for WBBM-TV CBS 2 Chicago. Various television, cable news and radio stations across the country often seek Jim’s commentary and aviation analysis.


He has served as an expert witness in the areas of aviation and weather for many legal firms in Chicago.He has testified numerous times in court and provided background information and depositions for trial preparation for aviation cases. Most recently he has provided his expertise on an aviation case to a firm in San Francisco.

Contact Jim Tilmon at

Audio/Video Production


The Tilmon Group is fully capable of addressing a wide range of video and/or audio needs of clients from the public and private sector.







Contact us at to explore how we can meet your production needs.

​Skilled both in front of and behind the camera, Jim Tilmon’s interest in media production began in the mid-1960s. He created Tilmon Productions, a multimedia production company that went on to win numerous awards producing sophisticated slide shows, motion picture films and audio productions serving both the government and private needs of a wide variety of clients in commerce and industry.

Years later he and his wife started another production company in Chicago named Carpe Diem Productions. Among its first productions was a promotional video, The Lives We Touch, for the YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago, complete with an original song of the same title. Carpe Diem produced a made for TV movie addressing the issue of domestic abuse for the Chicago based organization Mujeres Latinas en Acción. It was called, Never Again (Nunca Mas) with versions in English and Spanish. The company also created a mini-documentary news program called Another View which aired on the Fox owned Chicago station, WFLD-Channel 32.

Carpe Diem Productions relocated to Arizona in 1994 and also produced numerous television and radio commercials, PSAs, industrial training videos and DVDs. Perhaps most notable was a contract fulfilled for the Voter Outreach Program for the State of Arizona. Don’t Be Silent was a voter registration campaign that resulted in the registration of over 100,000 new voters and record voter turnout in the following general election. The outreach materials were also used the following year, by permission, for a similar campaign in California.

The Tilmon Group now offers the expertise gained through Tilmon Productions and Carpe DIem Productions to guide you to completion of your project.

Books and Music


Age is an Attitude, Tips and Tricks for Young People Over 60.

Jim Tilmon gives pertinent information and his views on the art of living long and well.

Currently an eBook it will soon also be available as a softcover bound book. You can

find the eBook Age Is an Attitude at,  Amazon Kindle,

iTunes/iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony ReaderStore, Kobo and Copia.


Open a Window, Walk through a Door

Conceived, developed and created by Joan Cuyjet Tilmon, this is a poetic journey through many of life’s challenges offering ideas and solutions that shed light on living a fulfilled life of joy and happiness. To see and read what this book has to offer, use the Discover More button below.




Soft Songs by Jim Tilmon

Described as "music that soothes the busy soul". The composer also writes, This music was composed and recorded during a time of my life when I was at peace. There were occasions, sometimes in the middle of the night, that I would not only hear, but feel, the melody. At those times I would sit at the keyboard and allow my fingers to translate the feelings into notes. I truly believe that the muse was passed through me with the hope that those that would hear it would find comfort.” To hear samples of this music, use the button Discover More button below.

I Just Wanted to Fly (the story in print)

This is Jim Tilmon's story from start to finish of a dream which started at the age of 5.  It gives the reader

a chance to experience the  many events that make up this amazing journey.  It describes a life of many

challenges, near death events and victories included in fulfilling his dream.  It is a dream he lived from

the age of 5 until it was realized it in the cockpit of one of American Airlines’ big jets.

For additional information and other ways to hear or read I Just Wanted to Fly, visit the website

For more on the print version, use the Discover More button.

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Personal Coaching

Jim Tilmon brings a full lifetime of experience to share, having navigated through numerous delicate and difficult situations to reach his goals. His life journey has taken him down paths to many varied positions and occupations. He now feels it is his obligation to pass along to others the lessons he learned through these experiences. He will offer his advice and counsel to help anyone with a true desire and willingness to learn.

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